Universal Tray Cleaning Machine

Revolutionize your bakery with the Universal Tray Cleaning Machine, a professional-grade cleaner designed to accommodate a variety of baking trays. This all-in-one cleaner ensures that your trays are maintained in pristine condition, enhancing the quality and hygiene of your baked goods. Designed to clean and oil a variety of baking trays, this machine streamlines your operations and maintains the quality of your bakeware.

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with Oiling System, Max Version, Max Version with Oiling

Max. Version

Max. trays size 600 x 1000 x 24 H [mm]

EAN: 8400000121583

The Universal Tray Cleaning Machine is engineered to meet the needs of both baking and confectionery environments, effectively cleaning and oiling trays. It is expertly designed to handle a comprehensive range of tray sizes, from the industry-standard 400 x 600 mm to the larger 600 x 1000 mm, and every size in between.Regular use of this machine ensures that trays are consistently kept clean and in excellent condition. Whether your trays are smooth or perforated, made from stainless steel, aluminum, or black steel, this cleaner is equipped to deal with them efficiently. With the ability to program up to 15 cleaning cycles, the operation can be tailored to the specific needs of your trays and the extent of their soiling. Moreover, this process is streamlined by the machine’s design for one-person operation, with the cleaned tray automatically returning to the operator.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with an extensive range of tray sizes and types, ensuring universal application.
  • Programmable cleaning cycles (up to 15) for customized operation.
  • Single-operator mechanism for convenience and efficiency.
  • Capable of cleaning trays with up to 4 rims and a rim height of up to 25 mm, demonstrating remarkable versatility.
  • Impurities are collected in an easy-to-empty retractable shelf underneath the cleaner.
  • Shot peened stainless steel structure for hygienic, smooth surfaces that resist residue accumulation.
  • Easy access to 16 reinforced cleaning brushes, 8 per row, ensures excellent cleaning performance and durability.
  • Front and rear guides are removable, minimizing the storage space needed.
  • Fully mobile design with castors for effortless transportation.

Technical Information

    • Dimensions: 2234 x 630 x 1372 mm
    • Power Demand: 0.75 kW
    • Power Supply: 400 Volt / 3 / 50 Hz
    • Control Voltage: 24 Volt
    • Weight: 205 kg
    • Maximum Tray Size: Handles trays up to 600 x 800 x 22H mm, optionally accommodating trays up to 600 x 1000 mm
A large stainless steel Efficiency Tray Cleaning Machine on wheels, featuring a control panel with buttons and a funnel-shaped attachment on its side.
You're viewing: Universal Tray Cleaning Machine Original price was: 23.880USD.Current price is: 15.174USD.
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