Ciabattera Mini Top – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

The CIA-MINI-TOP is a specialized divider machine designed for producing high-hydrated bread using fermented dough. With its unique process and features such as tough flour and ample resting time, it enables the production of top-quality bread in various shapes. This automated machine efficiently spreads, divides, and cuts the dough into different types of bread.

The cut pieces are automatically separated and can be placed on trays or boards, requiring manual handling. The CIA-MINI-TOP offers 16 programmable settings for precise control and notifies when the dough is ready for the next batch. It accommodates tray or board sizes ranging from 500 to 800 mm. This versatile machine excels at producing the classic ciabatta bread in a variety of shapes, including baston, baguette, rustic with pointed ends, and minis.

It features longitudinal cutting disks, a transversal cut guillotine, and a laminated fluted roller. The CIA-MINI-TOP is an ideal solution for bakeries seeking efficient and high-quality production of ciabatta bread.


Additional information

Weight 490 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 240 cm


Step into the future of bakery innovation with the CIA-MINI-TOP. This divider machine excels in producing high-hydration, fermented dough breads. Its specialized process leverages robust flour, ensures optimal resting times, and minimizes dough damage during cutting to create high-quality bread in a variety of shapes.

Key Features

  • Robust flour usage and optimal resting times for quality bread production
  • Gentle cutting to maintain dough integrity
  • Automated spreading, dividing, and cutting for efficient bread shaping
  • Programmable system with 16 settings for customized operation
  • Tray and board compatibility ranging from 500 to 800 mm

Automated Dough Management

Once set, the CIA-MINI-TOP automatically processes the dough. It spreads, divides, and cuts the dough into various bread types. Following cutting, it separates and places the pieces onto trays or boards. This machine combines automation with precision, requiring only manual tray handling to streamline bakery operations.

Flexible Production Capabilities

The CIA-MINI-TOP offers unmatched versatility in bread shape production. Whether you’re aiming for ciabatta, baston, baguette, or rustic shapes with pointed ends and minis, this machine has you covered. Its advanced design features include:

  • Longitudinal cutting disks
  • Transversal cut guillotine
  • Laminated fluted roller for precise cuts

Opt for the CIA-MINI-TOP for its reliability and versatility. It’s the perfect solution for bakeries focused on high-quality ciabatta bread production in diverse shapes and sizes, enhancing efficiency with automated tray placement.

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