Ciabattera Mini – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

Our automatic ciabatta machine divider for fermented dough is designed to produce high hydrated bread from 70 to 90% water content.

Optimal for artisan bakers to make gourmet artisan ciabatta economically. Up to 1200 p/h depending on the dough manual spreading  speed.

It includes special tools to cut the ciabatta horizontally and vertically to give it it’s desired or specific shape.

Due to its special process: tough flour, long resting time, lesser dough damaging when cutting, etc., lets us produce high quality bread in several shapes and sizes.

Thhe Ciabatera Mini model is the most basic of our automatic ciabatta machines.

Original price was: 20.888USD.Current price is: 16.682USD.

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Weight370 kg
Dimensions115 × 112 × 212 cm
EAN: 2000000099712

Introducing the CIABATTERA MINI: A Game-Changer in Fermented Dough Dividing

Experience Stress-Free Baking with Our CIABATTERA MINI Model, expertly designed to master the art of high hydration bread production, ranging from 70 to 90% water content. This model stands at the forefront of our stress-free divider lineup, tailored for the effortless creation of superior quality bread in an array of shapes and sizes.

Key Features of Our Stress-Free Divider:

  • Optimized for Tough Flour & Long Resting: Ensures that even the most robust flour types and extended resting periods contribute to the bread’s quality, crucial for producing authentic ciabatta.
  • Minimal Dough Damage: Advanced cutting technology preserves the dough’s internal structure, essential for the distinct texture of ciabatta and similar breads.
  • Automatic Dividing and Molding: Simplifies the baking process by automating the critical steps of dividing and molding, while still allowing for manual handling at key stages.
  • Manual Dough Handling: Incorporates manual pick-up at the exit belt and initial dough spreading, offering bakers control where it counts.

CIABATTERA MINI for Authentic Ciabatta Production: With the CIABATTERA MINI, dough is manually placed on the entrance belt, followed by automatic division and molding. The final product collection remains a hands-on process, ensuring each piece of ciabatta receives personal attention. This model is ideal for producing classic Ciabatta in all its variations: baston, baguette, sandwich, small, and pointed ends, embodying the essence of traditional Italian baking.

Ciabatta vs. Baguette: Understanding the Difference The distinction lies in the dough: ciabatta is crafted from fermented dough, renowned for its moist, airy interior and crisp crust, while the baguette is made from normal fresh dough, characterized by a tighter crumb and a crunchy exterior. Our stress-free dividers are specially engineered to handle fermented dough’s delicate nature, ensuring the ciabatta’s internal structure remains intact through the dividing process.

Why Choose the CIABATTERA MINI? Our CIABATTERA MINI is not just a machine; it’s your bakery’s next step towards perfecting high-hydration, fermented bread production. Its dedicated design to minimize dough stress and maintain hydration levels makes it an indispensable tool for bakers aiming to achieve the pinnacle of ciabatta and other high-quality breads.

Elevate Your Bread Production Today Discover how the CIABATTERA MINI can transform your bakery operations, enhancing both efficiency and quality. Whether you’re crafting the perfect ciabatta or exploring other high-hydration breads, our machine offers the precision, control, and stress-free process you need. Contact us to explore the possibilities and bring the art of traditional Italian baking into your bakery.

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You're viewing: Ciabattera Mini – Automatic Ciabatta Machine Original price was: 20.888USD.Current price is: 16.682USD.
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