• Sale! Ciabatta machine Chapatera Mini

    Ciabattera Mini – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

    Our automatic ciabatta machine divider for fermented dough is designed to produce high hydrated bread from 70 to 90% water content.

    Optimal for artisan bakers to make gourmet artisan ciabatta economically. Up to 1200 p/h depending on the dough manual spreading  speed.

    It includes special tools to cut the ciabatta horizontally and vertically to give it it’s desired or specific shape.

    Due to its special process: tough flour, long resting time, lesser dough damaging when cutting, etc., lets us produce high quality bread in several shapes and sizes.

    Thhe Ciabatera Mini model is the most basic of our automatic ciabatta machines.

  • Sale! Automatic Bread Line Bakery Group

    Automatic Bread Line – Spanish PRO

    Our automatic Spanish line is made up of a divider, an intermediate proofer a moulder and optionally you can add a rounder and an automatic panning machine.
    This automatic bread line for artisan and industrial bakeries can produce up to 2400 balls per hour with a single piston and depending on the optionals of the moulder and the size of the piece, it can multiply the production from two to five times.

  • Sale! Divider for fermented dough

    Ciabattera Man Roll – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

    The CIA-MAN-ROLL is an automatic ciabatta bread machine designed for dividing fermented dough. It allows for the production of high-hydrated bread with excellent quality and various shapes. With its “multiroller” system, it laminates and spreads the dough, giving it increased strength. The machine is suitable for making classic ciabatta bread in different variations. It features longitudinal cutting disks, a transversal cut guillotine, and a control panel for automated operation. The CIA-MAN-ROLL is a reliable and efficient solution for bakeries looking to produce high-quality ciabatta bread with ease.

  • Sale! Automatic Panning Machine with Bread Moulder

    Automatic 6 roller Moulder with Universal Panning Machine

    Our Automatic Tin bread moulder designed to work both in a line or independently. Composed of centering devices for the entry of the pieces, with 3 sets of laminating rollers from hard chrome or Teflon treatment and individual adjustable in opening and closing.

    It comes with an automatic panning machine that places the bread automatically inside the tin trays. With a complete system like this one person can handle the whole 2400 pieces per hour line saving you lots of time and money.

    Recommended use with our Automatic line composed of an automatic divider, rounder, and proofer. Height adjustable stainless-steel mesh and double plate for a progressive format to avoid stressing of the dough.
    The machine is equipped with an electric locking system when opening the doors to avoid accidents. Each of the rollers is equipped with scarping blades.

    Our solution is easily one of the most economical and heavy duty in the market. Contact us today to configure your system and save tons of money buying directly from our factory without any intermediaries. Worldwide shipping and installation.

  • Sale!

    Ciabattera Roll 800 Plus – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

    Introducing the CIA-Roll 800 Plus, your ultimate solution for artisan bread-making. This automatic stress-free divider and moulder is designed for crafting high-hydration breads ranging from 70-90% water content. Equipped with a multiroller system, it laminates and extends dough with precision, providing an additional 40-50% length. The automatic panning feature with automatic tray movement ensures tray by tray perfection. The machine boasts longitudinal cutting disks and a transversal guillotine for exact shaping. Ideal for a variety of ciabatta and artisan breads, the CIA-Roll 800 Plus promises efficiency, versatility, and consistent high quality in every loaf.

  • Sale! bread moulder for baguette tin bread franzela universal

    Universal 3 Roller Bread Moulder

    The Universal 3 Roller Bread Moulder FB600 is a highly versatile machine designed for artisan bakers. Operating at 230/400 V and 50/60 Hz, it is ideal for making baguettes of 400-450 mm. The machine features rolling wheels for easy mobility, a foldable belt for space-saving, and a grill-safety cover with an automatic stop. It is adaptable to various types of dough and working systems, making it suitable for both small bakeries and automated lines.

    Given your interest in automatic machines and the automatization industry, the Universal 3 Roller Bread Moulder FB600 could be a valuable addition to your bakery or food processing setup, offering both versatility and efficiency.

  • Sale! Automatic baguette line with panning

    Automatic Panning Machine for Bars and Baguette

    Our Automatic Panning Machine is a high-quality and efficient machine that automatically places already formed products in your oven trays.

    This panning machine is placed at the end of the bread production line and is responsible for placing the bread bars that come out of the moulder in the trays, preparing them to be baked in the oven. With a very high performance, even in times of high production, this panning machine can process up to 1800 pieces per hour, allowing for high productivity in the bread production process. In addition, we offer an optional cutting equipment to divide a piece into 2 to 6 pieces.

    Our panning machine is designed to be highly reliable and low maintenance, with oversized components to withstand any type of effort and guarantee continuous use without interruptions. In addition, it is versatile and can be used with a wide variety of doughs. If our customers have specific needs, we can offer a personalized solution to meet them. In summary, our panning machine is an excellent option for any bakery that is looking for an automated and efficient solution for the tray placement process.

  • Sale!

    Ciabattera Mini Top – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

    The CIA-MINI-TOP is a specialized divider machine designed for producing high-hydrated bread using fermented dough. With its unique process and features such as tough flour and ample resting time, it enables the production of top-quality bread in various shapes. This automated machine efficiently spreads, divides, and cuts the dough into different types of bread.

    The cut pieces are automatically separated and can be placed on trays or boards, requiring manual handling. The CIA-MINI-TOP offers 16 programmable settings for precise control and notifies when the dough is ready for the next batch. It accommodates tray or board sizes ranging from 500 to 800 mm. This versatile machine excels at producing the classic ciabatta bread in a variety of shapes, including baston, baguette, rustic with pointed ends, and minis.

    It features longitudinal cutting disks, a transversal cut guillotine, and a laminated fluted roller. The CIA-MINI-TOP is an ideal solution for bakeries seeking efficient and high-quality production of ciabatta bread.

  • Sale!

    Ciabattera Roll Top 800- Automatic Ciabatta Machine

    CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 is a versatile divider machine designed for producing high-hydrated bread with exceptional quality and a variety of shapes. With its unique process and features, this machine ensures excellent results while emphasizing efficient panning capabilities. After cutting the dough into individual pieces, the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 offers flexible options for separating and automatically panning them onto trays or boards. This feature streamlines the production process, allowing for easy handling and organization of the bread pieces. Whether you’re making classic Ciabatta loaves, rustic bread with pointed ends, baguettes, or mini-sized bread, this machine delivers consistent performance and reliable panning results. The CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 combines precision cutting mechanisms, a multiroll system, and a user-friendly control panel to simplify operations and maximize productivity. Experience efficient panning and exceptional bread production with the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800.

  • Sale! Automatic Economic Bread Line

    Automatic Bread Line Eco for Bars

    This automatic line can do from 1800 pieces per hour with a single piston divider to 3600 pieces per hour with a double piston divider.

    High quality and Economic, Perfect for small and medium bakeries for all types fo bread. Several configurations from small to big productions.

  • Sale! Pita and Pizza Flat Bread Moulder Machine

    Pita Moulder for Flat Bread 3500 with Hot Bed

    Our pita moulder is designed to flatten and shape dough balls into round, flat breads, such as pita bread, kebab bread, pizza, and more. (Roti, Tortilla, Chapati, Pita, Arabic bread, Naan, Shawarma pocket, Paratha, Empanada wrappers, Wonton wrappers, Pizza base etc.).

    It is capable of producing circles with a maximum diameter of 35 cm, making it suitable for a wide range of dough-based products.

    The machine is highly efficient, with a production capacity of 500 to 800 pieces per hour.

  • Sale!

    Compact Bread Forming Moulder

    · Rolling wheels for easy movement.
    · Grill-safety cover for the rollers with automatic stop.
    · The machine is provided with a center-hopper, for centering the pieces on the entrance to the mill-rollers.
    · The rolling-system of the pieces makes working with very low weights. Being a medium size machine, works in a high level.
    · Ideal for baguette 400-450 mm.

  • Sale!

    Dough Moulder Eco 4 Rollers

    The Dough Moulder Eco machine is designed to efficiently shape dough into various lengths and thicknesses. It utilizes polyamide rollers, which can be adjusted, to flatten the dough. With a capacity ranging from 50 to 1200g and a production rate of 2000 pieces per hour, it offers flexibility and high productivity. The machine features a stainless steel spring scraping mechanism on the roller, ensuring precise shaping. It can handle dough up to 420mm in length, thanks to the durable polyester woven conveying band and adjustable roller group. Suitable for different types of dough, including tin bread and small baguettes, all rollers are equipped with fixed nylon scrapers for optimal performance. The stainless steel curling chain and adjustable pressing board further enhance its functionality. Additionally, optional dough centering bars are available, and the pressing board can be removed for easy cleaning.