Tubular Dough Spiral Rounder Max

Capable of rounding bread and pizza dough within a specific weight range without the need for changing accessories. Additionally, this machine does not stress or heat the pasta and ensures that the properties of the dough remain unchanged. It is designed to be robust, easy to use, and compliant with sanitary regulations. The machine features a ball drop at bench height and offers the option of an aluminum or teflon-coated aluminum screw conveyor. It is available in different voltages upon request and can be seamlessly integrated with other machinery for continuous operation.

The machine’s dough capacity ranges from 20 to 800 grams. For standard pasta with a maximum hydration level of 65-70%, it is supplied with a raw food aluminum screw conveyor. However, for high hydration pasta, it comes with a teflon-coated food aluminum screw conveyor that is anti-adherent, preventing the dough from sticking.


Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 120 cm


It rounds bread and pizza dough 20 to 800 grams without changing accessories
It does not stress and heat the pasta
It does not change the properties of the dough in any way
Robust and easy to use
All components are in accordance with sanitary regulations
Ball drop at bench height
Aluminium or teflon-coated aluminum screw conveyor
Available in different voltages on request
Possibility to work continuously combined with other machinery

Dough capacity 20/800
Standard (pasta with max 65-70% hydration) – supplied with raw food aluminum screw conveyor
Teflon coated (high hydration pasta) – supplied within teflon-coated food aluminum screw conveyor (anti-adherent)

Maxi Dough Rounder
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