Industrial Bread Slicer with adjustable width

The Industrial Bread Slicer is a high-level, semi-automatic machine designed for the Bakery Industry, which can slice bread in various thicknesses and quantities. It has a simplified touch screen and conveyor belts for continuous cutting and feeding, while the blade is hardened and Teflon coated for a flawless and quiet cut. The machine has safety features, is produced in accordance with CE standards, and comes with a 2-year warranty. Its dimensions and specifications are also provided.


Additional information

Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 320 × 95 × 130 cm

The Industrial Bread Slicer is a high-level machine designed for businesses that require multiple slice thickness options for different sizes and types of bread. It can work semi-automatically and is integrated with the packaging and clip line. The BPS-650+ model can also be used with products such as meat, salami, soap, fruit, and fruit pulp.


  • The operator can use the machine semi-automatically in the bakery industry.
  • The machine has options for products other than bread, but it should only be used for bread cutting without informing Buem Makina officials.
  • Clipping options include directional design and manual-automatic.
  • The machine can slice simit and pastry and up to 4 kg of bread.
  • The machine features continuous cutting and feeding through conveyor belts at the inlet and outlet.
  • It has a simplified PLC touch screen for easy operation.
  • The slice thickness can be adjusted between 3 and 25 mm in 0.5 mm steps.
  • It can cut the desired number of slices, and a software suitable for your standard cutting program can be added.
  • The hardened and teflon-coated circular blade structure allows for a quiet, oil-free, and flawless cut.
  • The body has an evacuation and protection design to protect hygiene and the mechanical system.
  • A plastic drawer and hand broom are provided for crumb evacuation and cleaning.
  • The machine has a safety relay and Solenoid lock system for high-level security.
  • Soft start and stop of the blade is facilitated by a frequency converter.
  • The machine is produced in accordance with CE standards and comes with a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing and assembly faults.
  • Before the first use of the device, the entire outer surface of the machine should be cleaned with a cloth wrung out by soaking in warm soapy water.
  • The machine should be used by someone who knows the safety and technical aspects and has read the user manual.


Machine type: Slice thickness [mm]: 3-25 mm
Max. slicing rate [slices per minute]: 250 slices (50Hz)
Bread entrance width [mm]: 300 mm
Bread entrance height [mm]: 160 mm
Noise level [dB (A)]: 66 dB
Height [mm]: 1300 mm
Width [mm]: 3200 mm
Depth [mm]: 950 mm
Net weight [approx. kilogram]: 525 kg
Input voltage [Volt]: 3Ph – 400V
Power input [kW]: 3 kW
Insurance [A]: 3 X 16A.

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