Dynamic Proofer 650g

The Dynamic Proofer CD05 is an automated machine designed for handling hydrated dough with variable proofing systems. It operates at 230/400 V and 50/60 Hz, with the capacity to load dough pieces weighing up to 650 grams. The machine features a ramp-based loading system, a flour sifter, and variable proofing times of 20, 30, and 40 pieces per minute. Optional features include an easy-view panel, extra conveyor belt, and additional power sockets. Available in various models with varying capacities and dimensions.

Given your interest in automatic machines and the automatization industry, the Dynamic Proofer CD05 could be a valuable addition to your bakery or food processing setup, offering both automation and efficiency.


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100 pieces, 150 pieces, 205 pieces, 280 pieces

The Dynamic Proofer CD05 is a specialized machine designed for automated loading and unloading of dough, particularly well-suited for hydrated dough. Operating at a voltage of 230/400 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz, this machine can handle dough pieces weighing up to 650 grams. It features a loading system via a ramp and comes with a flour sifter for added convenience. The machine is covered in stainless steel for durability and easy maintenance.

Unique Features

  • Variable Proofing Systems: Capable of processing up to 300 pieces with variable proofing times of 20, 30, and 40 pieces per minute.

Optional Equipment

  • A panel with an easy-opening window for a clear view inside the machine.
  • A stainless steel structural framework for added durability.
  • An extra discharge conveyor belt for added functionality.
  • An extra power socket for connecting other machines.
  • Loading by conveyor belt for easier operation.

Table of Specifications

Model Max. Upload Weight (grams) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Variable Proofing Times (pieces/min)
CD05/100 650 2,500 990 540 0.75 550 20, 30, 40
CD05/150 650 2,500 1,270 540 0.75 630 20, 30, 40
CD05/205 650 2,500 1,550 540 0.75 750 20, 30, 40
CD05/280 650 2,500 1,970 540 0.75 920 20, 30, 40
Dinamic Proofer Intermediate resting dough
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