Dough Moulder Eco 4 Rollers

The Dough Moulder Eco machine is designed to efficiently shape dough into various lengths and thicknesses. It utilizes polyamide rollers, which can be adjusted, to flatten the dough. With a capacity ranging from 50 to 1200g and a production rate of 2000 pieces per hour, it offers flexibility and high productivity. The machine features a stainless steel spring scraping mechanism on the roller, ensuring precise shaping. It can handle dough up to 420mm in length, thanks to the durable polyester woven conveying band and adjustable roller group. Suitable for different types of dough, including tin bread and small baguettes, all rollers are equipped with fixed nylon scrapers for optimal performance. The stainless steel curling chain and adjustable pressing board further enhance its functionality. Additionally, optional dough centering bars are available, and the pressing board can be removed for easy cleaning.


Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 2300 × 80 × 65 cm

Shapes the dough, which is opened up very flat with the help of two polyamide rollers, at any length and thickness by the means of 2 or 4 rollers. The roller can be adjusted.
From 50 to 1200g, 2000 p/h
There is a spring scraping mechanism made of stainless steel on the roller.
The dough can be shaped at 420mm length due to the polyester woven and resistance increasıng long-life conveying band and adjustable roller group.
This machine is suitable for all dough pieces, including tin bread and small baguette.
All rollers are equipped with nylon scrapers which are fixed to the frame.
The curling chain is made from stainless steel.
Pressing board is adjustable and can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Optional :
• Dough centering bars

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