Ciabattera Roll Top 800- Automatic Ciabatta Machine

CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 is a versatile divider machine designed for producing high-hydrated bread with exceptional quality and a variety of shapes. With its unique process and features, this machine ensures excellent results while emphasizing efficient panning capabilities. After cutting the dough into individual pieces, the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 offers flexible options for separating and automatically panning them onto trays or boards. This feature streamlines the production process, allowing for easy handling and organization of the bread pieces. Whether you’re making classic Ciabatta loaves, rustic bread with pointed ends, baguettes, or mini-sized bread, this machine delivers consistent performance and reliable panning results. The CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 combines precision cutting mechanisms, a multiroll system, and a user-friendly control panel to simplify operations and maximize productivity. Experience efficient panning and exceptional bread production with the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800.

Original price was: 45.128USD.Current price is: 35.980USD.

Additional information

Weight490 kg
Dimensions200 × 150 × 240 cm
EAN: 8400000109932

Welcome to the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800

Meet the advanced divider machine, the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800. It’s your go-to for creating high-hydration, fermented dough breads. Crafted for excellence, it ensures every loaf meets the highest quality standards.

Key Features for Premium Bread

  • Employs robust flour and ample rest, enhancing bread quality.
  • The “multiroller” system extends dough, adding 40-50% more length.

Streamlined Dough Management

Dough becomes easily manageable, thanks to precise cutting and automatic panning. This machine supports 16 programs, signaling readiness for the next steps. It fits trays or boards from 500 to 800 mm.

Diverse Shapes, Unmatched Quality

  • Excels in making various Ciabatta shapes, such as basto and baguette.
  • Incorporates cutting disks and a guillotine for creative shapes.

Opt for the CIA-ROLL-TOP 800 for your bakery. It promises efficiency, versatility, and the finest quality Ciabatta bread, transforming your production process.

You're viewing: Ciabattera Roll Top 800- Automatic Ciabatta Machine Original price was: 45.128USD.Current price is: 35.980USD.
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