Ciabattera Roll 800 Plus – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

Introducing the CIA-Roll 800 Plus, your ultimate solution for artisan bread-making. This automatic stress-free divider and moulder is designed for crafting high-hydration breads ranging from 70-90% water content. Equipped with a multiroller system, it laminates and extends dough with precision, providing an additional 40-50% length. The automatic panning feature with automatic tray movement ensures tray by tray perfection. The machine boasts longitudinal cutting disks and a transversal guillotine for exact shaping. Ideal for a variety of ciabatta and artisan breads, the CIA-Roll 800 Plus promises efficiency, versatility, and consistent high quality in every loaf.


Additional information

Weight 490 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 240 cm

Automatic Stress Free Divider and Moulder with automatic panning with automatic tray movement- tray by tray for artisan ciabatta dough.

The CIA-Roll 800 Plus is a state-of-the-art machine designed for the production of high-hydrated bread (70-90% water). This innovative equipment is capable of handling tough flour and significant resting times, causing less damage when cutting, and thus, ensuring the production of high-quality bread in various forms.

Key Features:

  • Multiroller technology that laminates and extends the dough by 40-50% extra length.
  • Prelamination roller included.
  • Longitudinal cutting disks and transversal cut guillotine for precise shaping.
  • Multiroll system to maintain dough integrity.
  • Divider for fermented dough to ensure consistency.
  • Automated control system with 16 different programmable settings.
  • Notification system to alert when dough is finished.
  • Automatic panning with different variable bays for perfect tray by tray deposition.
  • Accommodates tray or board dimensions of 500-800 mm max.
  • Capable of producing various types of Ciabatta bread, including basto, baguette, rustic, rustic with pointed ends, minis, and more.
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