Ciabattera Man Roll – Automatic Ciabatta Machine

The CIA-MAN-ROLL is an automatic ciabatta bread machine designed for dividing fermented dough. It allows for the production of high-hydrated bread with excellent quality and various shapes. With its “multiroller” system, it laminates and spreads the dough, giving it increased strength. The machine is suitable for making classic ciabatta bread in different variations. It features longitudinal cutting disks, a transversal cut guillotine, and a control panel for automated operation. The CIA-MAN-ROLL is a reliable and efficient solution for bakeries looking to produce high-quality ciabatta bread with ease.

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Weight490 kg
Dimensions200 × 150 × 240 cm
EAN: 8400000109819

Elevate Your Bakery with the CIA-MAN-ROLL: The Premier Automatic Ciabatta Bread Machine

Introducing the CIA-MAN-ROLL, a revolutionary automatic ciabatta bread machine crafted for the precision dividing of fermented dough. Designed to cater to the intricate needs of high-hydration bread production, this machine is your bakery’s key to producing bread with water content ranging between 70% to 90%.

Advanced Features for Superior Bread Quality:

  • Optimized for High Hydration: Tailored to handle water content from 70% to 90%, perfect for ciabatta and similar breads.
  • Specialized Dough Handling: Utilizes tough flour, supports longer resting periods, and reduces damage during cutting, ensuring each loaf meets the highest standards of quality.
  • Multiroller Mechanism: Equips your dough with an extra 40-50% length, improving structure and texture through effective laminating and spreading.

Versatility in Bread Shaping: The CIA-MAN-ROLL surpasses the CIA-MINI with added features that elevate bread quality and diversity. It adeptly produces classic ciabatta in all its forms—baston, baguette, rustic with pointed ends, and mini sizes. Thanks to its longitudinal cutting disks and transversal cut guillotine, achieving precise and consistent shapes is effortlessly within reach.

User-Friendly Automated Control Panel: Ease of use is at the forefront with a control panel that automates functions for seamless operation and monitoring. This feature streamlines the production process, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy in every batch of ciabatta bread.

The CIA-MAN-ROLL Difference: With its ability to produce a wide array of high-quality, high-hydration breads, the CIA-MAN-ROLL stands out as an indispensable asset for any bakery. Its combination of innovative dough handling technology and user-friendly features positions it as a top choice for bakeries aiming to delight customers with delicious, visually appealing ciabatta bread.

A Valuable Addition to Your Bakery: The CIA-MAN-ROLL automatic ciabatta bread machine represents the pinnacle of bakery innovation, offering unmatched reliability and efficiency. Its advanced features not only enhance the quality of your bread but also cater to the growing demand for authentic, artisanal ciabatta products.

Discover the CIA-MAN-ROLL Today: Embrace the future of bread production with the CIA-MAN-ROLL. Contact us to learn more about how this automatic ciabatta bread machine can transform your bakery operations, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive bakery industry with high-quality, diverse-shaped ciabatta breads.

Divider for fermented dough
You're viewing: Ciabattera Man Roll – Automatic Ciabatta Machine Original price was: 28.255USD.Current price is: 22.585USD.
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