Automatic Checkweigher with Rejection Conveyor

If you want to increase productivity with te same dough quantity and save thousands a month get yourself our checkweigher today. This machine practically pays for itself in a short amount of time.

Original price was: 34.800USD.Current price is: 32.940USD.

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EAN: 2000000086460

The advantages of the Checkweigher in the Bakery
• The flow scale or Checkweigher integrates itself with the existing divider in the bakery
• The flow scale weighs each piece of dough
• The flow scale automatically regulates the divider
• It works autonomously and doesn’t need any operator
• The pass from one recipe to another is easily made from the menu of the scale’s menu
• The divided dough pieces are counted

Increase of productivity: with the same quantity of dough, more finished product may be obtained
Increase of efficiency: simplification of the staff scheme and high level of repetitiveness of the weighing operation
Easiness in exploitation: storing of at least 6 predefined receipts
Versatility: extended range of weight, between 40 and 2500 g
Increase of the product quality: uniformity of the finished product’s weight, within the parameters imposed by technology and legal norms
Follow-up of production: it generates reports per shift, containing information regarding the number of pieces of producís grouped on assortments, number of pieces rejected on assortments, total quantity of processed dough and total quantity of rejected dough
Optimization of the flow of fresh dough by elimination of the manual weighing. Thus, the flow of dough has a fixed cadenee, the pieces of dough are well spaced between them and double pieces are eliminated
Easy maintenance of belts
Can be integrated with any kind of dividing machine (with or without electric weight regulator)

You're viewing: Automatic Checkweigher with Rejection Conveyor Original price was: 34.800USD.Current price is: 32.940USD.
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This Automatic Checkweigher with Rejection Conveyor can be yours for aprox. 32.940USD + transport to your country. Contact us so we can configure the machine with you, ask for transport price and make you a complete offer.