Automatic Bread Slicer with Bagging System 1500

The automatic bread slicer is designed to meet the slicing and bagging function. 1500 pieces per hour capacity. From 11 to 16 mm slice thickness.

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Weight360 kg
Dimensions170 × 63 × 130 cm
EAN: 2000000093079

Introducing our Automatic Bread Slicer, the perfect solution for artisan bakeries, medium, and large-scale enterprises looking to streamline their slicing and bagging operations. With a remarkable capacity of 1500 pieces per hour and adjustable slice thickness ranging from 11 to 16 mm, this slicer caters to various bread types and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Slicing: Breads on the conveyor belt push each other for continuous, uninterrupted slicing without pressure or repulsion, preserving the bread’s integrity.
  • Customizable Settings: Belt speed adjustment and automatic belt distance control adapt to the bread’s shape, hardness, and height, ensuring precise cuts at your desired pace.
  • Integrated Bagging Solution: Equipped with a fan bag blowing apparatus for easy bagging, this feature simplifies the process, allowing for quick insertion of sliced bread into bags opened with a blast of air.
  • Food-Safe Materials: All contact surfaces are made from food-grade materials, ensuring hygiene and safety in food handling.
  • Silent and Smooth Operation: Designed to operate silently and without vibration, enhancing the work environment.
  • Mobility and Control: Easy to move with its built-in wheels and equipped with a speed control system for optimal slicing speed adjustment.
  • Durable and Safe Knives: The cutting blades are crafted from special stainless, food-compatible materials, combined with a high safety device for secure operation.

Optional Features:

  1. Single-sided Bag Blowing System: Streamlines the bagging process on one side.
  2. Double-sided Bag Blowing System: Offers enhanced efficiency with bagging capabilities on both sides.
  3. Food-grade Lubrication System: Ensures the longevity and consistent performance of the machine parts with safe lubrication.

Our Automatic Bread Slicer is more than just a slicing machine; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to improve efficiency, safety, and quality in your bread preparation process. Ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their productivity while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety.

Automatic Bread Slicer with Bagging System
You're viewing: Automatic Bread Slicer with Bagging System 1500 Original price was: 9.588USD.Current price is: 7.188USD.
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