The intermediate proofer is a key element for tasty bread

As you may know, bread is one of the most valuable products for human consumption. This is why it is so important to obtain good quality and tasty bread.

If you want evidence that the pre fermentation of the dough is a very important factor in the quality of the bread Grosmac is the place for you.

If we want to obtain a good quality bread, it is fundamental to know all the details of the process.

The pre fermentation process takes place gradually, after the dividing and pre rounding of the dough balls, they enter the intermediate proofer and they are kept for pre fermentation a few minutes depending of the dough. In this time, in the dough take place biological and chemical reactions that soften the dough so it can be stretched in the molding process. This process also improves the bread’s taste.

Intermediate Proofer types

There are mainly 2 types of proofers depending on the way that they function mechanically and what happens with the dough inside them.

Static Proofers: The dough balls sty in the same pocket from start to finish. This produces a bread that has a more moist, or hydrated crust compared with the dynamic ones. It mainly gives you a slightly better quality bread. This kind of proofer is more expensive due to it’s more complicated loading and unloading mechanisms.

Dynamic Proofers. Also called pocket-changing proofers have the caracteristic that the dough ball changes from one pocket to another since it enters the proofer so the exterior of the dough catches more air and flower in the proofing process and the crust is less hydrated. It is more economic than the static proofer.

Static Proofer
Dynamic Proofer
Static Proofer up to 1200g
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